Frequently Asked Questions (Faqs)

●    For Krnl to work properly, several programs/software are required:-

  • A Windows 10 64-bit installation
  • VC Redist x64 is a 64-bit version of the VC Redist.
  • x86 VC Redist
  • .NET Framework 4.7.2 or above is required.
  • Roblox has a webclient version.

1.   Perform the following steps to ensure that you have Windows 10 and that it is 64-bit:

  • With your eyes and four brain cells, examine the desktop environment, icons, and start menu, then compare them to images/screenshots obtained online.
  • In Windows 10, look for 64bit in the search box. It should ask you whether your computer is 32-bit or 64-bit.
  • By clicking on it, you may see the architecture of your Operating System.

2.   To make sure you’ve obtained the VCRedists, do the following:

  • In Windows 10, go to the “Add or uninstall programmes” area of the settings.
  • The Visual C++ Redistributable package should then be found.
  • If you see two Visual 2015-2019 x64 and x86 programmes, you probably already have it.

3.   To make sure the.NET package is installed correctly, do the following:

  • Begin by running the krnl executable file.
  • If you don’t already have the.NET framework installed, Windows will prompt you to do so.
  • Select yes if prompted.

4.   To determine whether or not the Roblox webclient is installed and/or to install it.

  • Uninstall the Microsoft Store version of Roblox if you have it installed.
  • Download the web version of Roblox from the Roblox website. The link can be found in the section above under Requirements.

1. Problems downloading/opening krnl:-

1.1 Your browser prevents you from downloading:

Here’s how to fix it in most browsers.

  1. The key sequence to utilise is CTRL + J.
  2. It should redirect you to your browser’s downloads section.
  3. Select “Allow hazardous files” from the drop-down box.

But don’t worry, Krnl is a really safe place to visit.

” But if that’s the case, why do my antivirus and browser say otherwise?”

Please contact us if you have any questions. The following section has the answer to this question.

1.2 Why is it that anti-virus software prohibits Krnl from being downloaded or run?

Anti-virus software occasionally misidentifies Roblox exploits as viruses due to their nature. The majority of existing Roblox bugs operate by injecting a dll file into the game and then executing Lua code (Scripts) in the environment it creates.

However, there is a catch: Dll injection isn’t just for game cheats. Malware also makes use of them. As a result, antivirus programmes try to quarantine/delete all dll injectors they locate, whether or not they are safe. As a result, most antivirus programmes name most exploits as the Cryptinject.msr trojan, including krnl.

“How are you going to prove that Krnl isn’t a virus?” You could enquire. Because Krnl prioritises user trust and security, the only element of the Krnl client that is hidden or protected is the dll that is injected into Roblox (This being krnl.dll). The Krnl client is completely unprotected and unobfuscated, with the exception of the dll. Using a.NET decompiler such as dnSpy or DotPeek, you may read the code of both the Krnl bootstrapper and krnl itself (or even just a text editor like notepad for the node js bootstrapper). This means you’ll be able to look at the code that runs the Krnl client. The source code for both the bootstrapper and the main executable files can be found here.

  • The source for the Bootstrapper Console Version is krnl console bootstrapper.exe.

The main executable source is krnlss.exe.

Please bear in mind that dnSpy will not fully decompile the Asynchronous Functions, therefore this isn’t the exact source code. It should, however, give you a good idea whether or not Krnl is safe.


Uninstall any third-party antivirus software from your computer to fix the problem. Other antivirus software includes McAfee, Norton, Eset, Kaspersky, and others. There are no other options for dealing with this issue. In my and many other users’ experiences, excluding/disabling third-party antivirus is terrible and does not generate consistent/reliable results.

After you’ve uninstalled and restarted your third-party antivirus software (Or you didnt have any to begin with). It’s time to delete Krnl from Windows Defender, the operating system’s default antivirus. We recommend watching a YouTube tutorial to do so. In a nutshell, you’ll have to finish the following tasks:

  • Go to the virus and malware protection settings in Windows 10.
  • From the drop-down box, choose Manage Settings.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page to “Exclusions.”
  • After clicking on add an exclusion, select “Folder” from the dropdown menu.
  • Then go to “This PC” and add your entire C drive on the whitelist.
  • If you do it this manner, you should have no problems using Krnl.

1.3 Problems with the Downloader/Bootstrapper:

If the official Krnl bootstrapper from fails to work after you’ve disabled Windows Defender, try the following:

  • Make sure you’ve met all of the prerequisites listed at the start of this guide.
  • Make certain you don’t have any third-party software installed.
  • Antivirus programmes such as Avast, McAfee, AVG, and others are available.
  • Making sure it isn’t being blocked by Windows Defender
  • It’s being managed by a system administrator.
  • I’m looking for it in a folder.

If you’ve tried everything and still can’t locate krnlss.exe or krnl.dll in the Krnl folder, or if bootstrapper is stuck at krnlss.exe.config, please contact us.

You can also attempt other techniques to obtain krnl, such as:

  • net is in the process of being downloaded.
  • Downloading pinned messages from their Discord server.

The first option is to go to and download.

  • Yes, it’s safe because it was posted by Ice Bear himself. The bootstrapper downloads the same files as the bootstrapper.
  • As you can see, the decompiled source is nearly identical to regular krnl lmfao.
  • Source
  • It’s one of the two official Krnl shopping sites.

To use this version of Krnl, please follow these steps:

  • Here’s where you can get the rar/zip file.
  • Extract to a folder that isn’t Windows Defender-protected.
  • Find and launch krnlss.exe inside it.
  • Then disregard any warnings that say “Roblox version is incorrect,” as this isn’t an issue.

The second option is to get the Krnl zip/rar file from their Discord channel and unpack it:

  • In their discord server’s support channel, a zip/rar file should almost always be submitted and pinned.
  • Their Discord invite is
  • To use this version, extract it to a location where Windows Defender isn’t installed.
  • Instructions can be found in part 1.2 of this guide.
  • After extracting krnlss.exe, all you have to do now is execute it.

2. Injecting/executing problems:-

2.1 An unknown problem or crash occurs while injecting:

  • This error popup may appear infrequently when attempting to inject Krnl.
  • Make sure you have the appropriate hardware and software to run Krnl before we test any of the alternatives (Located at the top of this guide)

If you’ve met all of the requirements but are still getting an error, try the following:

  • Reinstall/repair VC Redist x64/x86 2015-2019
  • Roblox should be uninstalled and reinstalled.
  • Make sure you’re running Krnl’s most recent version.
  • It’s time to re-download Krnl.
  • Make sure you don’t have any antivirus software running and that Krnl isn’t mentioned in Windows Defender.

2.2 Krnl can’t get the word “injecting” out of his head:

The bundled injector in krnlss.exe isn’t very good, which causes this problem.

To fix this problem, you’ll need to use a third-party injector such as Extreme Injector or the built-in dll injection features of other programs such as Process Hacker.

We recommend watching a YouTube tutorial to learn how to do this. Here is a link to one that I made. Visit this page to learn more. However, here’s a rundown of the most crucial stages.

After injecting, all that’s left is to get a key. The third step describes how to do so. Press enter once you’ve input your key. The console window should close on its own, and the Krnl UI’s “Inject” button should change to “Injected.”

2.3 Error: The Process For Roblox Could Not Be Found:

This occurs because the Microsoft Store version of krnl isn’t injectable. You must first download the Roblox version of Krnl from their website in order to utilise it. To fix this problem, go to and download Roblox.

2.4 The file krnl.dll is missing:

This problem arises when antivirus software flags krnl.dll as a potentially harmful file, or when the bootstrapper fails to download it for whatever reason.

  • Go to step 1 to begin solving this problem.
  • After making sure you don’t have any third-party antivirus software installed and Windows Defender is turned off on your whole C drive, try downloading the Krnl zip/rar version indicated in step 1.
  • It’s most likely an antivirus issue if you can’t find krnl.dll after downloading and extracting the zip/rar version. Determine a method to keep Krnl from being deleted.

2.5 When executing Roblox, it crashes:

This error is caused by invalid lua code in the script you’re attempting to use.

  • You’re attempting to run a script that has been patched.
  • The script you’re trying to use isn’t supported by Krnl.
  • TL;DR: Keep an eye out for a fresh script.

2.6 I’m stuck waiting for Roblox to come out:

Another application, such as Msi Afterburner, overwrites one of Krnl’s injection hooks, causing this problem. To repair the problem, close all background apps and restart Roblox, then try injecting Krnl again.

2.7 You’re using a version of Krnl that isn’t supported any longer:

Is it tough for you to read? Your Krnl version is no longer current. Rerun one of the bootstrappers or download from one of the other sources to get the most recent version.

3. Key-related issues:-

Let’s start with how to get a key and how they work in the first place.

Krnl Keys are generated using your IP address. That is to say:

  • You are not allowed to provide your keys to anyone else.
  • If you’re using Krnl with a VPN, make sure it’s a desktop VPN rather than a browser extension VPN.
  • Your key will be invalidated if your IP address changes (meaning if you turn your pc off for an extended period of time or reboot your router your key will get invalidated)

After injecting krnl, go to the URL given to you in the console popup window to get a key. is the URL.

After your initial visit, you should be redirected to a linkvertise link. Simply click the x if you are asked to participate in a survey. Then select “free access with advertisements” from the drop-down menu. Before going on to the next link, complete the tasks. Rep this process four more times. Finally, you’ll be directed to the keypage, where you can copy and paste your key into the terminal window you saw previously, then press enter.

Before closing the terminal window and injecting krnl, it should check your key for a few seconds.

3.1 Key is invalid:

This issue, on the other hand, does not have a one-size-fits-all solution.

  • Turn off your VPN and get a new key if you’re using one.
  • If you don’t use a VPN, though, your IP address may change too frequently.
  • Play around with the DHCP settings in your router’s admin panel.
  • Clear the cookies in your browser.

3.2 I’m having problems figuring out how to check the key:

This is the same problem as the one where you’re stuck waiting for Roblox to arrive, but it’s been hidden. Another application, such as Msi Afterburner, overwrites one of the hooks created by Krnl during injection, resulting in this error.

To fix this, close all background apps (check in the system app tray!). Reopen Roblox after that and try injecting Krnl again.

4. Other Concerns:-

“Send “error.txt” to the krnl server.”

The following are some common remedies to this issue.

  • Make sure you’re running the latest version of Krnl, which you can find at
  • After you’ve read and completed everything in part 1.2 of this FAQ, rerun the bootstrapper.
  • If necessary, run it as an administrator.
  • To protect yourself, use a VPN (A desktop VPN).

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